Last week I got a chance to do an interview with porn starts and asked them questions that everyone is curious about.  Many people wanted to know more about their personal life and also the working conditions. In this article I try to give you answers regarding your quarries.

Do you still enjoy having sex?

Natasha: Yes, absolutely. This is like you working in a food restaurant and you hate food. Also it depends on mood. But I enjoy sex in alone rather than in front of camera crew and team members.

Tiffney: I am working in this industries from 2006 and now most of the time I do sex in front of cameras, so I don’t think much as long as the person excites me.

Henry: I do it as a work, I don’t want that this work effects my personal life, so always I try to act professionally.

How often you need to do wax?

Natasha: When I was new in this industry I wax regularly but now I like to keep my bush. This gives the retro look in movies. Regular waxing is not good for skin, also if a man does not like women in bush then he will not deserve to go near a woman.

Tiffney: Well waxing is not my stuff. It irritates me, I do laser hair removal treatment and it is far better as compare to waxing.

Do you prefer small talk with your partner before sex?

Tiffney: Well it is quite awkward to do small talk with a person whom you are going to work, so small talk is not my style.

Do filmmakers get boner during filming?

Natasha: This question is asked by majority of people. We usually work with professionals and we don’t hire those people who create an awkward situation on set.

Do you like date your co-star?

Tiffney: Yes! why not. There are many actors who got married with each other.

How many people are involved in making a film?

Henry: Well it is all on the industry you are working with but the number remain from 15 to 30 people including, actors, photo and videographers, spot boys, light man and director.

What profession you would like to put on your passport?

Natasha: I call myself performer, entertainer and a model. I am not ashamed of my profession, I like what I do.

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Our life is bases on our self-perceptions that we make every day and when it comes to sex every individual is holding myths. In this article I will try to clear those popular myths about sex that is effecting majority of people.

The Longer the better: People believe from centuries that the bigger your penis the more pleasure you can give to a woman. But this is totally a myth size has nothing to do with the women pleasure. The G-Spot is located 2 inch inside the vagina and sometimes big penis misses the G-spot completely.

 Taste of serum depends upon food and drinks you take: Majority of people believe that the taste of serum is based on what food or drink you are consuming but research shows that food has nothing to do with the taste of serum.

First time sex always hurt a woman: This is also a complete myth. Pain has nothing to with first time sex. The main reason behind that is woman is not aroused due to lack of self-lubrication. And also an inexperienced partner cases the pain.

Woman can’t conceive a child if she is already pregnant: Yes, she can and it is called superfetation, but we saw it very rarely.

Pulling out technique can be used to prevent unwanted pregnancies: People are also believing this myth but the truth is sometimes we fail to pull out in time and that pre-ejaculatory flued contains the sperm. Women rely on this method become pregnant very easily so you can’t use this technique to prevent pregnancy.

Men think about sex in every 7 seconds: Many researchers done surveys regarding this myth and they got surprised when the have checked the data. In average day a man thinks about sex 19 times, for food 18 times and for sleep 11 times.

Birth control leads to weight gain: Many women believe that if the control birth then they definitely going to gain their weight which is completely a myth.

Wet dreams: Majority of people believe that only men can have wet dreams which is totally a myth. Studies shows that 40% of men have wet dreams but in women this figure was 30%.

An alternative to exercise: People believe that sex burns allot of calories and having sex means they do not need to do extra exercises which is completely a myth. For example, and intercourse can burn only 21 calories.

Worse sex life after marriage: According to majority of people their sex life got boring after marriage which is a myth. After marriage many people state that their sex life got better by doing sex on regular basis and their satisfaction rate was quite higher.

Women don’t watch porn: Do you really thinks this is true? Well think again, yes they don’t admit but research shows that 87% women watches porn.

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Escort business is legal in many countries and girls are working as an escort. Some escorts work individually while other works with agencies. According to many people job of escort is a taboo but today this is legalized business in many countries. Escorts deals with different kinds of people daily and this is very tough job. In this article I am going to share with you the experiences of their first day of their job.

Sindy: She is an individual escort and working in Malibu, Las Vegas. She told us that she is new to this profession and started working on previous month. When we asked her about her first experience then she told us that she was quite nervous at first. She is listed on a website from there a 43 years old man contact her and book a date after one week. He told her to meet him in a hotel. When she reached at the hotel then he offered her a drink. She told us that than was paying her $80 for one night and also said if he like her company then he will book her for the next month and give her $2500.

After that he told her to go to her room where they did small talk for some time and after that he told her to remove her clothes and then she gave him blowjob. After that they have sex and then he told her that he doesn’t want to meet her on regular basis and not wanted to attached with her emotionally because he is married and he only wanted to have sex. She said it was a gross experience for her but letter things started to change and she met nice people.

Erica: Erica works in an escort agency and when we asked her about her experiences then she told us that she cried allot when she was going to her first client. When she reached at the location she saw two men there and also there was an escort there. According to her they were very nice people. She said everything was nice and from that moment she had many memorable experiences. Today people are depressed and surrounded by tensions and worries. Escort agencies provide medium in which one can relax and have fun for some time. Last year I had very memorable  experience with an escort agency called Birmingham Escorts, which is No 1 in UK. I think escorts are the best when its comes to releasing tensions.

Julie: She was working from last 4 years as an escort. When we asked about her first experience then she told us that she was also very nervous. Her first client was in hotel and when she reached he said we are going you a fake name for the night is that ok, and then I replied ok and told him my real name. I was dumb at that time and we laughed allot. It all takes 10 minutes. He was nice and clean man and his skin was tan. It was quite memorable experience.


Sex not only feels awesome but it also has many health benefits, so next time your partner is not interested then tell her/him about these benefits. According to research people who get involved in regular sex has longer and better life as compare to who don’t.

Age: According to a research people who do sex regularly look 7 to 8 year younger who don’t. But here is a catch effects are far much better if you are deeply in love with that person.

Quality of sperm: Regular sex also increases the quality of the sperm. Seman health found in their research that sperm was in best when it was test after two days and it decreased after 10 days’ period. So if you are trying for a baby then it is best that you have sex twice a week not only the time of women’s ovulation. Regular sex also helps women to balance women’s hormones and helps in regulating their periods.

Fights with cold and flu: It helps you to increase your immunoglobulin A which helps your body to fight with cold and flu.

Longer life: During a study in Australia scientists found that people who do regular sex live longer then who don’t. There are also very less chances of them to die with a disease.

Keeps you fit: Doing sex for 30 minutes can help to burn 100 calories, and if you do it twice a week then you can burn 5000 calories in a year. Experimenting with position is also a great idea it helps you to strengthen special muscles and keep your body lean and fit.

Prevent a Heart Attack: Doing sex on regular basis can prevent you from heart attack. Various studies show that sex three times a week can half the possibilities of having a heart attack or stock, also the women who has two orgasm a week has 30% less chances of having a heart disease.

Low Blood pressure rate and improve self-esteem: It helps you to lower your blood pressure rate and built confidence in you. Research shows that people feel more confident after having sex.

Depression: During sex your body releases happy hormones that helps to make your mood happy. One of the hormone is serotonin which is responsible for smile and relaxation.

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